Tomosynthesis: Shimadzu Metal Artifact Reduction Technology

“T-smart” is the latest and most sophisticated tomosynthesis technology, further enhanced with the iterative reconstruction method. T-smart automatically divides the original projection images into two projection image sets (metal-free projection images and metal-only projection images) by using an advanced metal extraction algorithm. It then performs iterative reconstructions on each of them and finally integrates the two data sets in one, providing a "T-smart" image.

Further metal artefact reduction

T-smart provides even clearer tomosynthesis images suppressing the artefacts around metal objects even further. This application will be of great help in orthopedics especially for patients with metal implants or fixators as it allows a very exact diagnosis of the status of the boundary between bone and implant.

High image quality with low noise

Since the reconstruction process is performed without filtering, it improves the visibility of trabeculae, hairline fractures, and other details, even around metal objects, without accentuating noise. Consequently, this allows images to be viewed with even higher image quality.

Comparison: Radiographic image left side vs. Tomosynthesis image right side.

Courtesy of Sonoda Joint Replacement and Sports Medical Center Clinic

Courtesy of Kanazawa University Hospital

Courtesy of Kanazawa University Hospital