MobileDaRt Evoltuion EFX – pedijatrijska verzija

Premium digital mobile X-ray system for pediatrics



Merging clinical feedback with the most advanced technologies available on the market, the MobileDaRt Evolution now offers premium applicability for pediatric use. The CXDI-801C wireless FPD is equipped with a newly developed glass substrate which provides a pixel pitch of 125 microns. The Csl scintillator has the highest possible sensitivity and assures the lowest possible dose for the patients.




  • CXDI-801C flat panel detector
    acquires high-resolution, high contrast diagnostic images with minimum X-ray exposures
  • Gaining time – X-ray images within just 2 seconds
    optimized by a multitude of post-processing functions
  • Handling benefits
    through easy placement, e.g. in standard incubators
  • Advanced operability features
    through customer-driven design adding comfort and safety during bedside operation
  • Happy, children-oriented design
    helps to distract and relax the children before examination

Thin, lightweight and robust

The CXDI-801C flat panel detector is a lightweight of 2.3 kg, and only 15 mm thin. The extremely compact dimensions allow easy handling and positioning, even in incubators. The CXDI-801C provides an imaging area of 27.4 x 35 cm.




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